When editing game objects the colliders are an issue when the player interacts with the objects, the textures need to be positioned correctly in order to make sense if it is an interactive object for the player. For example this gun have these box colliders attached on them however parts of the texture and model where the collider does not cover, it will disregard that and not react with physics.


With the help of peers I am able to discover problems and get feedback from a different view compared to when I try it myself, which I might mistakenly miss.

Environment Design

To create a spaceless place for the environment the game will partake in, I first thought of keywords relating to dream/nightmare, digital, infinity, space and matrix. Where a place in the real world does not exist but located in a space very different which will have the phone which links us back. To tackle this kind of design i thought of a game that utilised this kind of concept very well, the Assassins Creed series of games.

The Animus

In the game the player will experience in loading screen or in other situations where they will be in the ‘memory’ or mind of characters where it is a place that is separate from the reality of the game. I aim to take inspiration from this and use a similar kind of style of design in my environment for the game, which will conceptualise the idea of the phone linking back to the reality we live in.


Looking at the game Slenderman, it is a good example for what I want to achieve, when the player faces in the direction of the enemy. They utilise this by using static visual effects and sound on the player’s view which is activated from looking at the enemy. I am looking into taking an interpretation from this and using a similar effect and sounds when the player in my game glances at the phone, which over a certain amount of time the player will be forced to lose the game. I will be looking at things that relate to my concept and the phone, therefore I think it will be suitable to use static and glitch alike effects.


The greek mythology

“Orpheus and Eurydice get married, but later that night, Eurydice is bit by a snake and dies. So far, so terrible. Overcome with grief, Orpheus travels to the Underworld to bring her back to life. He convinces Hades and Persephone to let Eurydice go, but her release comes with a catch: Eurydice must walk behind him as they ascend to the upper world, and Orpheus is forbidden from looking at her. Unfortunately, Orpheus is overcome with passion just as they reach the exit. He turns to look at Eurydice and she is immediately sent back to the Underworld – forever. Orpheus is devastated and roams around Greece playing sad songs. Eventually, he is ripped to shreds by a group of drunken mad women.” (source)

I am making changes to my game and thinking about this mythology of Orpheus, I have decided to relate to it. The player will be in a similar situation as Orpheus, where they are challenged with a game and objectives to complete however to escape they will have to resist the temptation of looking back, which will where the phone be placed, there will be sounds that tempt the player to prevent the player to complete the game, which a penalty will be given.

Challenges / Problems

Many errors and problems occur when scripts do not run correctly or run into each other, there are times when the console does not show errors and I have to think why and how Unity runs scripts in its login, to solve problems. I have had received a lot of help with programming as I am finding it difficult to understand the further complexity of interactions and scripts activating scripts to turn on and off things to trigger the next event. I have learnt basics of C# however in the time frame I am working in, it will be difficult to complete the full game, therefore I am having to making adjustments to it.

Testing interaction with SteamVR

Using the HIVE Pro VR headset and Steam VR connecting it with Unity.

Further into the work I have now been able to create interactive blocks which uses scripts for the player to throw and grab in a 3D environment, colliding with other objects using physics in VR unity.

In this test I have been able to download a 3D model asset of a gun, which then I have been able to create a script where it fire bullets, writing in c#, the logic of spawning cubes with time and using velocity at the spawn point at the end of the gun.


I have decided to create this game using unity therefore I will be learning this software to create this game. I will be looking at Unity tutorials, documentations and youtube, also tutorials seeking help from the Creative Lab to start creating this project. I will be learning C# to start programming scripts.

I attended the Unity workshop at the creative lab to learn the basics of unity and start working with the software, learning how to create and move shapes, utilise prefabs and scripts which can get objects to interact with each other.

Also looking at unity’s tutorials I learned some basic functions of how unity uses its system to create games and how objects interact with each other.


Next I attended the VR workshop for Unity to learn how to use the equipment and connect it to the software, also learning how to use SteamVR and it’s packages.


The player would interact with the game objectives with the phone beside them whilst they are trying to complete each level, the phone will purposely distract the player to create interaction. The first game will be a block building game, then a shooting game and lastly a basketball game. Each of these levels have three stage and difficulties to complete, which during one of them the phone will ring for a certain amount of time to create an unorthodox/glitch to the game to create an uncanny situation for the player to either to choose to respond to the phone or ignore it, replicating similar situations in real life.

The Concept

I decided the phone would be an interpretation of the nightmare from David Rose, which he talks about the phone replacing different objects associated with what we use, e.g photo albums.

Within the timeframe and to be realistic I needed to simplify my game and experiences, therefore I have decided to create a much simpler world instead of replicating real world places but to put it into a placeless space from reality and utilise the concept of using a VR to replicating a space inside technology.

Thinking about the game objectives and what events would occur.

  • Interactive objects to complete objectives
  • Following on screen instructions or voice
  • To avoid temptation of interacting with the phone
  • The phone will create sounds and animate to distract the player
  • Replicating the three states of phone use

The Key Missions

  • Make a sandwich
  • Check the clock
  • Read a book


To follow instructions and ignore the phone


Sounds to build up anxiety and fear when interacting/looking at phone which causes player to lose, possible effects screen shake and vignetting. To give an uncanny feeling to the player.

Thinking about objects and what David Rose mentions in his book ‘Decluttered and Paperless’. I thought that I could replace them with what features a phone has, such as a Book, Calculate, Clock, Compass, Map, Musical Instrument, Pencil, Paintbrush. Meaning there would be fewer objects to exist to trigger storytelling. As he also mentions ‘Interacting with screen to be more efficient but we are less happy, colder, more isolated and less humane in the world.

Further Thoughts

Real like actions that are not representing reality, as I have chosen to create my game scenario in a place that does not exist in the real world, I should not replicate real world objectives. Instead of looking how the phone distract us in actions in the real world, I will be looking how it connects us back to the real world from this space. Therefore I will be reconsidering the objectives/missions. Looking into things in real which have characteristics of gamification linked to them, I will change them into more game like objectives influenced by games like these.

  • Building Block Tower
  • Throwing Ball in cup
  • Shooting floating objects

These objectives have gamification in them and I can utilise these for the player to interact with and make it more ‘fun’ giving it game conventions.

Concept Thoughts

Thinking further about the concept of how to conceptualise the idea, Virtual Reality came into mind. I believe that the medium will allow an immersive experience that can bring across the message of my idea . I could create different scenarios of the phone being used in reality to super focus on the feeling of isolation.

Linking back to the phone I thought about how the phone is used and what it means as an extension of our identity. Looking into China’s social credit system (source), I thought it could be an interesting topic to take upon and replicate if it was used in present time in the west.

Then I started to look at what the phone means to us in our lives everyday and what we use them for. Looking at scenarios where people get messages from family, friends alarms, notification and calls. I thought I could categorise them into three states it acts as.

  • Personal Object
  • Network Communicator
  • Corporate Value